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From the destruction of the Southern Fukien Shaolin Warrior's Temple in the late 1600's, arose a number of devastating battle tested martial arts evolving from thousands of years of research and training. Surviving the destruction of the temple and the oppression by the Manchurian army, there were only a handful of greatly gifted legends. A group known as the five surviving the destruction was the Shaolin nun Nug Mei, who was the classmate of the Abbot Gee Sin Sim See who built the temple.
The History of Hung Family Tiger Form Jerry Cook
The first disciple who studied from the Abbot Gee Sin Sim See was Hung Hai Kwon. Hung was one of the Abbot's best fighters and became known throughout China for his fierce tiger fighting method. Hung's style of tiger is known for its fast and powerful clawing, crunching, ripping, and gouging techniques. This style also placed emphasis on strength, hard and direct movements, low stances, agile leaping and massive body conditioning. The body conditioning included: heavy stance training,

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