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I will set my short, mid and long-term goals after intelligent introspection: and will re-evaluate them periodically!
I will never be dejected when goals are not met: nor dismayed when they are: and the nay-sayers do not move me!
I am no accident! Yet every miracle of life on earth is wasted without purpose. Every new day brings exciting possibilities! Winning any of them takes purpose!
Time is my most valuable asset! When I get a new deposit to my account each morning, I must not misuse even one second. I will be accountable while I have time!

I am made in the image of"…the creator of the illimitable universe…" I am not ugly, and I will never be ugly; for the creator made everything beautiful in due time!
Nobody stands alone! We are not islands. If any would be an 'elitist' and shut me out of their circle, I will draw a bigger circle and take them in surrounding them with love!

Secret Sword
The late James Outlaw was a Pastor in Phoenix, Arizona.