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I will find something to be happy about today!
I will purpose that anything that happens to me adversely could have been worse!
I can accomplish anything thing I make up my mind to do!
I will practice civility, kindness and love to all: meanwhile showing weakness to none!
I will ignore all ignorance, insults and insanity hurled at me!
I will practice self-control…wherever I am!
I can learn from the past: I will not live in it!
New Directions: 21 Precepts that A Warrior Should Live By -James Outlaw
If I find a learner, I will teach knowledge that they may not know!
If I find opportunity, I will show wisdom that I have gained!
If I find confusion, I will seek to bring understanding!
If I find the perplexed, I shall help them cope!
If I find the thirsty, I will give them drink!If I find the weary, I will help them find rest!
I will not allow myself to overestimate who I am: and under-valuing is wrong. I will properly value who I am!
Secret Sword