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to think out not to be beaten."
"Hm! What is your school?"
"I don't belong to any school, but it is, if anything, a school of aiming at winning without fighting." Oh, it's an interesting name. Then why do you wear your two swords at your side?"
"One is for cutting arrogance and the other is for slashing the vicious mind."
Being irritated, the man said:
"Then can you defeat me without swords?"
"My swords would give vividness to a good man, but to a bad man they would give death."
The man became blind with rage and shouted to the boatman:

"Hurry up! I'm going to fight to the finish with him on the opposite bank."
Bokuden was quite unruffled and answered:
"On the bank, crowds of curious people will gather around us. That little island over there will be the suitable place to fight."
To the other passengers, he told gently: "Gentlemen, I know you are hurrying on your ways. Please have patience a little more and see the fight."
Soon the boat reached the island and man swung himself from the boat. He whipped out his long sword and screamed:
"Come on! I willd cut your body right in two!"


Secret Sword